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Welcome to ClaimVal's comprehensive suite of appraisal services. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering precise and reliable assessments for a range of assets.

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Our seasoned appraisers conduct meticulous inspections, detailed analysis, and accurate valuations for a wide variety of assets including automobiles, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and agricultural and farm equipment. We delve deep into the evaluation process, considering market conditions, asset age, overall condition, and specific features to ensure a comprehensive and accurate assessment. Clients can rely on our assessments to make informed decisions about the true value of their assets.


ClaimVal is proficient in industry-leading estimating software like CCC One and AdjustRite. This technological advantage enables us to provide precise estimations for insurance claims. Our estimations go beyond mere numbers, incorporating a blend of cutting-edge technology and appraiser insights to align with industry standards and best practices. Clients benefit from our precise estimations, gaining a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their claims.

Photos and Scope

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive appraisal services, we meticulously document every detail. Our team captures highly detailed exterior and interior photos of vehicles and units, forming a crucial aspect of our appraisal process. These high-resolution images, combined with our meticulous analysis, construct a vivid representation of the asset's condition. Our comprehensive reports not only present a visual record of damages but also list potential hidden damages that might not be immediately visible. This exhaustive scope of assessment ensures our clients have a complete understanding of the asset's condition.

We invite you to experience our extensive range of services tailored to meet your specific needs.
At ClaimVal, we believe in delivering beyond expectations, ensuring our clients receive the most accurate, reliable, and thorough appraisal services in the industry. For inquiries or to schedule an appraisal, please feel free to contact us.